Friday, 10 February 2012

Deadly Bug Salmonella Found in UK Melons

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Watermelons sold in the UK have been found to contain the deadly bug Salmonella Newport, health experts have warned.

The recent outbreak has claimed 35 victims in the UK alone; three times the number of cases normally experienced said the Health Protection Agency.

Infection normally leads to sickness and diarrhoea amongst healthy individuals lasting several days, but if the elderly, the young, or those with compromised immune systems ingest the Salmonella bug, then the outcome can be fatal.

One person has died to date, although it is understood that the individual involved had serious underlying health problems.

Health experts suggest that the melons may have been washed in water contaminated with the salmonella bug. Alternatively, the bacteria may have been transferred to the surface of the melon during production.

Salmonella infection causes a similar illness to other forms of food poisoning and its symptoms include profuse diarrhoea, stomach cramps, headaches and fever.

Over 200 cases of Salmonella Newport are reported in the UK each year, and many of these are linked to foreign travel particularly destinations such as Egypt – Dominican Republic and Turkey

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